Special -------------- Cruiser Tune Ups --- only $39

W h a t   Y o u   G e t

    Unlimited Tune-Ups
    Unlimited Tubes
    • Clean entire bike
    • Remove and true wheels
    • Adjust and tune brakes
    • Tune front and rear derailleurs
    • Inflate tubes to proper PSI
    • Adjust hubs
    • Adjust Bottom Bracket
    • Tighten all hardware
    • Adjust to proper chain tension
    • Lube all necessary surfaces
    • Adjust cables and housing
    • Make recommendations
    • Free unlimited replacement tubes
    • Free labor on tube replacement
    • Bike must be present






    No appointment needed
    General completion time - 2 days
    Must be able to read serial number
    Bike must be present to honor

    This plan entitles the bicycle owner to unlimited replacement tubes, unlimited tune-ups, and free service on the bicycle registered with Motion on the Tube and Tune plan assigned to the bicycle's serial number. The bicycle must be present in Motion shop to redeem. Replacement tubes are unlimited but in the case of excessive replacements (more than 12 per year or 3 per month), Motion will request the bike owner to purchase tire liners to maintain the validity of the program. Tune-ups are not limited and encouraged more frequently as it keeps your bike in good condition. All sales of Tube & Tune plans are final, no refunds. If Motion Bike Shop goes out of business or closes a location, no refunds are issued.

    Tube / Tune